T80HL - All-Star Skill Competition

Written by Andreas Knöpfle 2002

Fastest Skater Event

Three players per sqaud.

One goal is awarded to the squad with the best average time.
One goal is awarded to the squad of the player with the best time.

Wales Conference Campbell Conference
Mike Gartner Glenn Anderson
Mats Naslund Brian Bellows
Paul Coffey Steve Yzerman
Mike Gartner: 13.763
Mats Naslund: 14.189
Paul Coffey: 13.763
Glenn Anderson: 13.957
Brian Bellows: 14.124
Steve Yzerman: 14.013
Average Time Wales Conference: 13.905
Average Time Campbell Conference: 14.031
Wales Conference wins the Team Event
Winner Individual Event: Mike Gartner - Wales Conference Time: 13.763
Wales Conference: 2
Campbell Conference: 0
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