T80HL - All-Star Skill Competition

Written by Andreas Knöpfle 2002

Hardest Shot

Four players per squad. Each player has two attempts.
The highest recorded shot (in mph) of the two attempts will be scored.
The squad with the best average score in mph, determined by using each participant''s highest recorded shot, will receive one goal.
The player with the highest recorded shot in mph willbe deemed the individual winner and his squad will receive one goal.

Wales Conference Campbell Conference
Mike Bossy Al MacInnis
Larry Murphy Doug Wilson
Ray Bourque Phil Housley
Scott Stevens Dave Andreychuk
  Mike Bossy First shot: 92.1 Second Shot: 92.1
  Al MacInnis First shot: 97.0 Second Shot: 99.5
  Larry Murphy First shot: 101.0 Second Shot: 98.9
  Doug Wilson First shot: 89.0 Second Shot: 96.0
  Ray Bourque First shot: 104.2 Second Shot: 103.2
  Phil Housley First shot: 89.1 Second Shot: 89.1
  Scott Stevens First shot: 99.6 Second Shot: 101.8
  Dave Andreychuk First shot: 99.2 Second Shot: 102.6
  Wales Conference average score in mph: 99.7
  Campbell Conference average score in mph: 96.8
  Ray Bourque recorded the hardest shot with 104.2
  Wales Conference: 2
  Campbell Conference: 0
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